Developing in different languages

Developing in Different Languages

Discover 'Developing' in 134 Languages: Dive into Translations, Hear Pronunciations, and Uncover Cultural Insights.

Updated on March 6, 2024

The word 'developing' holds a significant place in our vocabulary, denoting growth, progress, and evolution. It's a term that transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with the universal human experience of advancement. Whether it's a developing country on the global stage or a developing idea in a brainstorming session, the concept is the same - a journey towards a more matured state.

Historically, the term has been used to describe the transition from a less advanced to a more advanced state, be it in technology, economy, or society. It's a powerful word that signifies change, improvement, and the pursuit of betterment.

Given its importance, it's no surprise that people often seek to understand its translation in different languages. For instance, in Spanish, 'developing' translates to 'en desarrollo'. In French, it's 'en développement'. In German, it's 'entwickelnd'. Each translation offers a unique cultural perspective on the concept of development.

Stay tuned as we explore more translations of 'developing' in various languages, providing you with a global perspective on this significant term.


Developing in Sub-Saharan African Languages

The word 'ontwikkel' is derived from the Dutch word 'ontwikkelen', which means 'to unfold' or 'to evolve'.
Amharicበማደግ ላይ
In Amharic, the word "በማደግ ላይ" can refer not only to the physical act of growing, but also to the metaphorical sense of progressing or evolving.
"Bunkasa" is of Arabic origin, meaning "growth" or "flourishing" and was introduced to Hausa by Islamic scholars in the 13th century.
Igbona-emepe emepe
It is also the perfect progressive form of 'emepe' (to develop or build).
The word "fampandrosoana" can also mean "development" or "growth".
Nyanja (Chichewa)kukula
The word kukula in Nyanja (Chichewa) also means 'to grow' or 'to ripen', suggesting a broad concept of development beyond just physical growth.
*Kukura* comes from the word *kura* (to grow).
Horumarinaya is derived from the ancient Somali word 'horumud', meaning 'progress' and 'advancement'.
Sesothoho ntshetsa pele
In a Sesotho context, "ho ntshetsa pele" can also refer to personal or economic growth and progress.
The word "zinazoendelea" is derived from the verb "kuendelea," meaning "to continue," and is used to describe processes or situations in progress.
The term "ukuphuhlisa" is also used to describe the process of raising a family or nurturing a community.
"I dagbasoke" or "ida gb'osoke" refers to both the process of personal development and the rise of the moon.
"Asathuthuka" also means to cause to expand, develop rapidly or cause to be spread out.
Bambaraka yiriwa
Ewesi le tsitsim
Kinyarwandagutera imbere
Sepedigo hlabolla
Twi (Akan)nkɔso a ɛrenya nkɔso

Developing in North African & Middle Eastern Languages

تطوير (developing) comes from the root word طور (to improve, to develop).
"מתפתח" can also mean "twisting" or "unfolding".
Pashtoوده ورکول
"وده ورکول" is derived from "وده ور" (help, work), suggesting "help in progress" or "work in development".
تطوير (developing) comes from the root word طور (to improve, to develop).

Developing in Western European Languages

Albanianduke u zhvilluar
The word "duke u zhvilluar" (developing) can also refer to the process of growth and change in someone's character or behavior.
Garat is a Basque word meaning “mind” in Old French. As a synonym for “develop,” garatzen appears by the early 20th century.
The Catalan verb "desenvolupament" (developing) is derived from the Latin word "evolvere", meaning "to unroll", and can also refer to the process of progress or growth.
Croatianrazvijajući se
The Croatian word "razvijajući se" also means "unfolding" or "evolving".
Danishudvikler sig
The Danish word "udvikler sig" is derived from the verb "udvikle", meaning "to develop" or "to evolve", and the reflexive pronoun "sig", indicating that the subject is undergoing the action itself.
"Ontwikkelen" can also mean to unfold or unravel in Dutch.
The word "developing" can also refer to the process of creating or producing something new.
In French, the word "développement" also means "growth" in a range of contexts such as agriculture, business, and art.
"Ûntwikkeljen" is related to the word "wjerk" (work) and originally meant "to work on" or "to improve".
The Galician word "desenvolvendo" originates from Latin "disinvolvere" and can also mean "unpacking" or "unrolling".
In the context of Hegel's philosophy, "Entwicklung" is sometimes translated to "unfolding" to capture its dialectic aspect.
The word "þróast" also has a second meaning, which is "to grow" or "to increase in size"
Irishag forbairt
"Ag forbairt" can also mean to be getting better, improving.
The Italian word "sviluppando" also means "stirring" and "unfurling".
The Luxembourgish word "entwéckelen" derives from the Old High German root "wickeln", meaning "to twist" or "to wrap up."
"Jiżviluppaw" ultimately derives from Latin roots "e-" (out of) and "volvo" (to roll) and thus shares an etymology with "evolution", from "e-volare" (to fly out of).
Norwegianutvikler seg
The word "utvikler seg" in Norwegian can also refer to the process of something happening, or the process of becoming, or the process of moving or growing.
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)em desenvolvimento
The Portuguese word "em desenvolvimento" can also mean "under construction" or "in progress".
Scots Gaelica ’leasachadh
The word "a ’leasachadh" can also refer to "expanding", "spreading" or "progressing."
In Spanish, "desarrollando" can have connotations of "unveiling" or "disclosing" beyond its primary meaning of "developing"
The Swedish word "utvecklande" can also mean "cultivating" or "educating".
The Welsh word "datblygu" can also refer to "developing (a photograph) in a darkroom".

Developing in Eastern European Languages

Bosnianu razvoju
The word "u razvoju" in Bosnian can also mean "under construction".
Bulgarianразвиваща се
Развиващ се is a word derived from "развиваться," which in Russian means "develop or evolve" or "unfold."
Czechrozvíjející se
"Rozvíjející se" in Czech can also be interpreted as "unveiling" or "elaborating".
The word "arenev" is derived from the Proto-Uralic root *arVn-, meaning "to grow". Other cognates include the Finnish word "aro", meaning "field", and the Hungarian word "arat", meaning "to harvest".
"Kehittää" originally meant 'to spin' or 'to reel'.
The Hungarian word "fejlesztés" derives from the verb "fejlik", which means "to become, to grow".
The word "attīstās" in Latvian also has the connotation of "unfolding" or "progressing".
The verb "besivystanti" can also be defined as "being in the process of emerging".
The word "развој" can also mean "progress" or "evolution" in Macedonian.
Polishrozwijający się
Rozwijający się means not only developing (in the context of something evolving), but also unfolding as in expanding or unfolding something (like a piece of cloth).
Romanianîn curs de dezvoltare
The Romanian word "în curs de dezvoltare" is derived from the Latin phrase "in cursu" and the French word "développement". It can also refer to a project or process that is still in progress.
Развивающийся is related to the verb
Serbianразвијајући се
The word 'развијајући се' can also refer to something that is evolving or progressing.
The word "rozvoj" originally meant "unfolding", reflecting its etymological root in the verb "rozvinúť" (to unfold).
The word "razvija" in Slovenian can also mean "unfolding" or "evolving".
Ukrainianщо розвивається
The Ukrainian word "що розвивається" can also refer to something that is in the process of being created or formed.

Developing in South Asian Languages

"বিকাশ" can also mean "growth" or "evolution" in Bengali, emphasizing the process of gradual change and improvement.
વિકાસશીલ (vikasashil) can also refer to something 'in the process of being formed' or 'growing'.
Hindiविकसित होना
The Hindi word "विकसित" ("vikasit") also means "to evolve" or "to manifest".
In addition to 'developing,' the word 'ಅಭಿವೃದ್ಧಿ' can also refer to growth, evolution, or progress.
The word വിഴുന്നു ('developing') in Malayalam comes from the Sanskrit root 'vic' meaning 'to expand' or 'to grow'.
It is related to the word 'विकास' and shares its root with the English word 'velocity'.
Nepaliविकास गर्दै
The word "विकास गर्दै" can also mean "evolving" or "progressing."
Sinhala (Sinhalese)සංවර්ධනය වෙමින් පවතී
The word "வளரும்" in Tamil can also mean "to grow" or "to increase".
Teluguఅభివృద్ధి చెందుతున్న
Urduترقی پذیر
The Urdu word "ترقی پذیر" can also refer to "capable of advancing," or "progressive."

Developing in East Asian Languages

Chinese (Simplified)发展
In Chinese, "发展" (fā zhǎn) also means "evolution", "progress", or "expansion".
Chinese (Traditional)發展
In addition to "developing," 發展 (fǎ zhǎn) can also refer to "evolution".
現像 translates literally as "making the latent image apparent".
Korean개발 중
The Korean word "개발 중" can also mean "under construction" or "in progress".
Mongolianхөгжиж байна
Хөгжиж байна is a Mongolian word that can also mean "to expand" or "to grow".
Myanmar (Burmese)ဖွံ့ဖြိုးဆဲ
This word also means 'under construction' or 'under development'. It can also be used to refer to a person's 'growth' or 'progress'.

Developing in South East Asian Languages

Mengembangkan can also mean "to spread" or "to extend", such as in the phrase mengembang sayap (to spread one's wings).
The word "berkembang" in Javanese can also mean "growing", "increasing", or "progressing".
(Khmer) គិភាក្ម្ងៅ comes from អភិ+វឌ្ឍនា meaning "to become good", "to prosper", "to thrive"}
The word 'ພັດທະນາ' ('developing') may have originated with the concept of a 'raft crossing a river,' or it might have come from a concept similar to 'the spreading or unfolding of a leaf.'
The word 'berkembang' also has alternate meanings, such as 'to progress' or 'to flourish'.
The word "กำลังพัฒนา" also means "under construction" or "in progress" in Thai.
Vietnameseđang phát triển
"Đang phát triển" also means "under construction" or "being built" in Vietnamese.
Filipino (Tagalog)umuunlad

Developing in Central Asian Languages

Azerbaijaniinkişaf etməkdədir
The word "дамуда" in Kazakh also means "to establish" or "to found".
Kyrgyzөнүгүп жатат
Tajikрушд карда истодааст
The word "rivojlanmoqda" can also mean "to progress" or "to evolve".
Uyghurتەرەققىي قىلماقتا

Developing in Pacific Languages

The verb **hoʻomohala** can also mean 'to spread out, disperse; to distribute, share, apportion' and 'to expand, increase, grow,' as well as 'to be scattered, dispersed, divided' and 'to branch out, to spread, to grow luxuriantly.'
The Maori word 'whanake' has additional meanings, including 'to grow' and 'to nurture'.
"Atinae" is derived from the Proto-Polynesian root *atina-, meaning "to be in a state of growth or development".
Tagalog (Filipino)pagbuo
"Pagbuo" is also used in other contexts, like when describing the formation of a group or organization.

Developing in American Indigenous Languages

Aymaranayrar sartaña

Developing in International Languages

The Esperanto word "evoluanta" comes from the Latin word "evolutio", which means "unrolling" or "development".
The Latin word "developing" comes from the verb "devolvere," meaning "to roll down" or "to unfold."

Developing in Others Languages

The Greek word "ανάπτυξη" can also mean "unfolding", "expansion", or "growth".
The verb tsim can also mean to cultivate land.
Kurdishpêşve diçin
The word also means 'to mature' in Kurdish.
In linguistics, the Turkish word "gelişen" may also refer to the progressive tense or aspect of a verb, indicating an ongoing or incomplete action.
The term "ukuphuhlisa" is also used to describe the process of raising a family or nurturing a community.
The Yiddish word "develeaping" is ultimately derived from the Old English "dēaf." As a result, develeaping can sometimes refer to deafness.
"Asathuthuka" also means to cause to expand, develop rapidly or cause to be spread out.
Aymaranayrar sartaña
Bhojpuriविकसित हो रहल बा
Dogriविकास करदे होई
Filipino (Tagalog)umuunlad
Kurdish (Sorani)گەشەپێدان
Meiteilon (Manipuri)ꯗꯤꯕꯦꯂꯞ ꯇꯧꯕꯥ꯫
Mizohmasawn zel
Oromoguddachaa jira
Odia (Oriya)ବିକାଶ
Tigrinyaዝምዕብል ዘሎ
Tsongaku hluvukisa

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